The Products that People Look for During Pay Day (July 2021)

Take a look on what's people looking for during the pay day

The Products that People Look for During Pay Day (July 2021)
Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos / Unsplash

We all know the expression shop ’til you drop.

These days, as the number in our bank account started to increase, marketers also deployed their pay day campaign to entice spending amongst their customers. Looking at the fact that this has become somewhat of a habit, I’ve decided to make my own research regarding the products that people most searched within some of the biggest marketplace from Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Blibli.

The purpose of the research is to find out whether people look for a certain / specific product within each of these platform. The data points that I use was obtained from ahrefs and it was taken on the 25th of July, seeing that most companies gave their employees salaries back on 23rd of July in Indonesia.

The main parameter that I used is the traffic from Top Pages within each of the marketplace to determine the interest of their users.


Based on the research, here is the top 5 categories that people most searched for during July 2021 pay day in Tokopedia:

  • Computer & Laptops: 93,718 traffic
  • Electronics: 44,665 traffic
  • Appliances: 40,810 traffic
  • Automotive: 31,504 traffic
  • Tools: 30,999 traffic

Additionally, we can also see that most people will look for electronic equipments such as computer, laptops, phones, or maybe its accessories in Tokopedia. This data shows that Tokopedia becomes one of the go-to places for people to look for electronics.

Furthermore, since PPKM has been in affect for the last two weeks, people has found an interest to do more stuff at home so the products that falls into appliances, tools, or even automotive categories has also drawn so much attention because now people can’t go outside and have to do maintenance around the house by themselves


In hindsight, the result of top pages in Bukalapak shows some familiarity with those that happened in Tokopedia, most of the search was coming from electronics department. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mobile Phones: 92,765 traffic
  • Computers: 66,526 traffic
  • Hobbies: 46,618 traffic
  • Sports: 40,737 traffic
  • Electronics: 36,732 traffic

Although most of the categories searched were more or less an “electronic” device. People tends to search Mobile Phones in Bukalapak. There has been 92,765 traffic within the Mobile Phone Category. This could indicate that there are more promo / flash sale in the Mobile Phones section compared to any other section in the platform

On top of that, sport categories has generated more traffic in Bukalapak compared to any other marketplace platform in Indonesia, this indicates that Bukalapak has already established the trust of their customers to buy trustworthy sports equipments

Additionally, hobbies categories also witnessed a rise during the pay day, this can also be the effect of PPKM as well whereby people are forced to not do any activity outside their homes. That said, they need something to kill the time and do their hobbies.


From the result of the research, we can see that there are five top pages with most traffic during pay day in Blibli:

  • Automotive: 32,197 traffic
  • Home & Living: 22,590 traffic
  • Computers: 13,116 traffic
  • Bliblimart: 12,468 traffic
  • Electronics: 12,453 traffic

Compared to the other marketplace platform, a lot of people have visited the automotive categories pages in Blibli. This would mean that Blibli is the go to place for people that is looking for their cars’ or motorcycle’s necessities.

On top of that, Blibli recently has launched a feature called credit simulation that lets its user to see the estimated amount of credit that they have to pay if they decided to buy the car / motorcycle using the instalment method.

Furthermore, Blibli’s latest feature – Bliblimart (a category that sells fresh groceries) has beginning to gain traction since it is placed fourth in the top visited pages during pay day. This indicates that Blibli users have started to trust the quality of the goods that Bliblimart offer.


With the amount of traffic that each platform gain each month, it becomes clear that each platform has its hero product that attract most of its user base. With that in mind, these brands could also play a lot with the promo that is being offered in order to retain their customers.

Last but not least, keeping the quality of these hero products plays a vital part to generate more traffic and eventually, more profit.