My Top 10 Moments While Working at TADA

Working memories with one of the wildest startup in Indonesia

My Top 10 Moments While Working at TADA
Photo by Toomas Tartes / Unsplash

This post is going to be straightforward.

I’m going to show you what it’s like to work in one of the most unique environment based on my experience.

Say hello to my current office – TADA where the CEO used to tell us how to explain what the company does to our in-laws. You can’t really put TADA in a single sentence since it provides a lot of solution to its clients.

One day it’s a membership platform, the other a subscription, the next it’s a rewards distribution, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s call it a Customer Retention Platform (CRP).

The Mission? To be the most impactful CRP in the region. When I say region, it’s not just Indonesia, TADA has established itself in three different countries in South East Asia such as Indonesia (of course), Malaysia, and Singapore

Well, enough small talk and let’s get to a point where I tell you my top 10 moments in TADA. To start off, I should tell you that I started working in 2018, resigned at the end of 2019, came back in the middle of 2020. So my experience will cover up both “parts” of my journey

1. Employee of the Year Award

To kick thing off, let’s start with the one memory that will last for sometime in my head. It’s the moment that I was awarded with the Employee of the Year Award. I was not expecting it since there are a lot of better candidates out there, and it was my last day as well in the company back in 2019.

So it’s a bit of mixed feeling to be honest, me leaving the company that has treated me so well for the past 1.5 years. I had to leave my friends there and I had to accept the fact that this award will forever be the reminder of my success.

2. Business trip to Bali

How can I forget this one, three months in then the head of commercial offer this straight up to my face. I had to hide all the excitement and looked professional and all, but who the hell cares?! I’m going to Bali!

There I go, took the midnight flight with my team mates. Didn’t actually feel the flight though since I was asleep for the whole night – even at transit.

When I arrived, it was straight to the hotel and changed my clothes, enjoy some warm bath and off we go. The event was a marathon event and it’s located only 400 m from the hotels so we’d just simply walk

The event took place for three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). But I only participated for two days since the third day was only the marathon event.

The memory is still vivid and it’s constantly repeating itself in my head for the next 6 months, because I couldn’t bear the fact that the team could accomplish so much in such a short time and I am happy that I was part of that team. Those sleepless night did pays off at the end.

3. Best graduate in TADA Academy

You might see a gap between my TADA Academy days (which was back in June 2018) and my graduation days (In February 2019), this was due to the fact that the “headmaster” wants to award five batches of TADA Academy graduate all at once.

To give you some context, TADA Academy is the “school” for new comers to learn all of the things that they need to know about TADA and the class goes on for the whole month. So don’t afraid if you don’t know how the company works, because the company will teach you in the most engaging way.

I was part of the 1st batch of TADA Academy, getting the award means a lot to me back then. I was this kid with the hunger of validation and this award provided me with the validation that I need. I am so grateful I’m already past that point and only focus to give my best to everyone.

4. Attend Tech in Asia Conference

One of the benefits of working in TADA is you are getting paid to learn new things. Back in 2019, the product team had the chance to attend one of the biggest product event in Asia called Tech in Asia Product Development Conference.

There were a lot of amazing speakers that attended the conference and the atmosphere was just breathtaking. I was literally a little kid in the candy store.

What I remembered from the event was Wilson (my Product Lead) challenged me to introduce myself with the speakers and connect with them. He knows I’m an introvert (still am), but at the same time he knows I can’t be challenged.

Long story short, I received three different business cards in my pocket and 1 job offering as well (of course I had to decline). This showed me that, TADA is a great environment for personal growth and pushing boundaries to another whole level.

5. Outing to Belitung

While it’s all about business in some days, there are days that I remembered in which I think nothing but nothing. Yes, it was the day during the company outing back in 2019.

The destination was Belitung, a remote island in the edge of Sumatra – a perfect getaway.

We went diving, we played in the rain, dance, laugh, shared stories and drink ourselves until God knows when. All I remember was, this was one hell of a trip and I’d do anything to do it all over again.

6. External Techative

Back in 2019, my only dream was to speak at the event. Last year, in 2020 that dream finally came true. Techative is a platform for passionate people in tech to share their experience and insights in their field of expertise. Seeing myself as a Product Manager, it would be appropriate if I talk about that topic.

7. Joined Employee Engagement Team

Since TADA is a great place for your personal growth, you also get the chance to work on a project that is completely unrelated to your daily work but have fun while doing it.

In December 2019, the Employee Engagement Team was formed and it consisted of 8 people from each of the department in the office. The very first initiative that we had was holding the very first virtual dinner for the company.

Of course, seeing the event was a success, the team continues to established itself, bringing more impact to the company and the people in it. The latest project that we had is helping those affected by COVID-19 – living up one of our values which is Be Helpful.

8. Met my college friends at the office

I could not ignore the fact that I was happy when my friends from the college joined the company. They make work fun and less painful every single day.

We used to work up late at the office, sitting on the bean bags, looking at the traffic, talking about relationship and it usually ends in dinner together across the street.

They are the reason that I’m willing to fight, there’s not a feeling that I felt that they didn’t know. It’s sad to see they go, but at the same time I am happy because they are on their own path of greatness.

9. TADA Academy

Ah yes, TADA Academy, the days where I learned a lot of new terminologies and the days where I learned that age is but a number as long as you have the determination to show the world what you really capable of.

I joined the very first batch of TADA Academy, being the youngest and most inexperienced person in the room didn’t stop me to learn a lot of things and ask so many stupid questions.

10. My First Day

The sun was out, I was wearing my favourite shirt and jeans at that time. Waking up early with the smile on my face and a pair of earphones on both end of my ears, I was ready to go to face the uncertain.

I didn’t know what I supposed to do in my first day. Who should I talk to, where will I be working. The day began with the first session of TADA Academy.

The only thing I could remember back then was how to make a coffee. Bear with me guys, I rarely drank coffee at my house, I’m more of a tea person.

All in all, no one including me knows how myself would turn out even though I had such a “funny” first day. I actually waited whether there will be a bell ringing at the end of the day, telling us to go home like we usually did in school.


If you reached this far, then you must’ve read all of my experience! Do you wanna know why I wrote this article?

My boss told me so. It was part of the OKR. (just kidding)

But as I wrote this article, it kinda grew on me. I didn’t think every single word that came out so I do apologise if what I wrote didn’t make sense. Yet, it becomes a walk in a memory lane for me.

These past three years TADA has become the environment for me to grow – to become me.

The moral of the story?

Be grateful of the tears. Be grateful of the pain. Be grateful of the sweats. It means that you are still alive.

If you’re looking a place to grow, TADA is currently opening for some positions and feel free to reach me out to learn more about the opportunity. Cheerio!