Finding the Right Place to Learn New Skills Online

Learning knows no boundaries. These are the best place for you to learn new skills online

Finding the Right Place to Learn New Skills Online
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New Found Skills

New skills are emerging in the 21st century. With the help of technology, everything becomes accessible we are able to learn them with ease

Additionally, as we all know, formal and conventional education have somehow come out short in facilitating this new-found skills of the 21st century. Some of the skills does not require a specific degree from college or school. Take Product Management for example, you do not need a technical degree to become a Product Manager and everything that college taught you about marketing is not necessarily true in today’s scenario

That said, there have been several online platforms that enables new comers with as little as zero experience in the field to learn the necessary skills. In this article, I have gathered the number of course that is available on this platform in which you can access at your own pace.

There are several online platforms that is included in this research such as: Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, Linkedin Learning, and Pluralsight.

The Findings

Based on the research, I have shown the online learning platforms that has the most course regarding each topic. This is the result:

1. Digital Marketing

If you’re looking to sharpen your skill or simply learn about digital marketing online, Skillshare is the go-to place for you. With over than 2,000 courses to choose from, this online platform has the most digital marketing courses compared to the other four platforms. The result is as follows:

  • Skillshare: 2,037 digital marketing courses
  • Udemy: 1,033 digital marketing courses
  • Coursera: 459 digital marketing courses
  • Linkedin Learning: 322 digital marketing courses
  • Pluralsight: 98 digital marketing courses

2. Data Science

Learning data science can be challenging, after all, this is the most technical skills compared to the other four and it requires you to write a code, either in Python or R depending on your preferences. As it turns out, LinkedIn Learning provided the most Data Science course compared to others with over than 13,000 online courses.

The level of classes is evenly distributed as well between Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Below is the research result:

  • LinkedIn Learning: 13,031 data science courses
  • Coursera: 2,560 data science courses
  • Skillshare: 1,643 data science courses
  • Udemy: 1,200 data science courses
  • Pluralsight: 434 data science courses

3. Technology in Sales

Sales is one of the oldest skills there is. That said, with the emerging technology these days, it does require a little bit of finesse to master the tricks of the trade, thus the terms Technology in Sales was coined recently.

Skillshare provide around 3,000 of this courses online. The largest amongst its peers when it comes to the number of courses with tech sales as its topics. Here is the breakdown:

  • Skillshare: 3,399 technology in sales courses
  • LinkedIn Learning: 2,967 technology in sales courses
  • Coursera: 867 technology in sales courses
  • Udemy: 660 technology in sales courses
  • Pluralsight: 152 technology in sales courses

4. Product Management

There are many great courses out there when it comes to Product Management, with over then 10,000 courses online, Udemy is leading the way for those who wants to learn this skill online. Here’s the result:

  • Udemy: 14,061 product management courses
  • Coursera: 1,762 product management courses
  • Pluralsight: 1,611 product management courses
  • Skillshare: 1,136 product management courses
  • LinkedIn Learning: 322 product management courses

5. UI/UX Design

One of the skills in demand these days is UI and UX Design. In order to be a good UI Designer or UX Researcher, one must equip himself with a lot of skills. Skillshare provide more than 1,700 courses to better equip people with the necessary skills. Additionally, here is the breakdown of the research:

  • Skillshare: 1,792 UI/UX courses
  • Udemy: 1,333 UI/UX courses
  • LinkedIn Learning: 913 UI/UX courses
  • Coursera: 459 UI/UX courses
  • Pluralsight: 145 UI/UX courses


Based on the research, now we all know that there is a lot of online learning platforms that can help us to learn new skills everyday. That said, some of the skills that you need in the tech industry does not require a specific college degree which leads to an impression that you can learn this skill on the get-go at your own pace.

The chance for you to seize this opportunity is bigger than ever since there is an ever growing demand for new digital talents.

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